Astrophysicist Contributor to James Webb Space Telescope Reviews Light Speaks

Blake Marie Bullock is an astrophysicist and Vice President at Northrop Grumman who contributed to building NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Blake read an advanced copy of Light Speaks. Her kind words show that the picture book can play a role in inspiring kids to explore STEM concepts.

“Layton and Powell conjure a beautiful doorway into the world of physics by exploring some of humankind’s most fundamental questions through the eyes of a young reader. As we continue to field more and more powerful telescopes, the astrophysicists and biologists of tomorrow will have access to information and images never before seen. Layton and Powell invite them to ask big questions to explore.”


Kirkus Reviews Light Speaks, Verdict: Get It!

Thank you, Kirkus, for reviewing Light Speaks!

Review Excerpt

“This sparklingly illustrated picture book consists of spare, poetic verse exploring the properties of light. The gorgeous visuals help shed light on the topic, making rich use of color to convey the idea of a shimmering universe, and the book concludes with two pages of scientific context for some of the more cryptic phrases.”Our Verdict: GET IT

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STEAM Team Books Welcomes Light Speaks to the Team

STEAM Team Books is a co-marketing group that promotes new kid lit about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Light Speaks joins a prestigious lineup of picture books and middle grade books available in 2023. Check out more STEAM Team Books on their website.

Check out more inspiring STEAM books coming out in 2023 at STEAM Team Books,. See Light Speaks in the April releases. Follow #STEAMTeamBooks on social media for more news.

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Light Speaks Blossoms New Nature-Based Picture Book Group

Green PB 2023 is a group of creators with nature-based picture books coming out in 2023. Christine Layton and Luciana Navarro Powell are founding members of the group. Light Speaks joins other science, nature, and eco-inspired books to spread the word on conservation. Follow #Green PB 2023 on social media for more news.

You can browse all Green PB 2023 books in one place on their page. All purchases through this page support The Nature Conservancy and independent bookstores. Thank you for taking a look!

Meet the Green Books
Meet the Green Team

Lerner Publishers Interview

Interview Excerpt

What was your favorite book when you were a child?

When I was very young, a relative gave me a pop-up book on rainforests. I loved searching each page for hidden animals. Eventually, the pop-up animals tore off and fell out of the book. If you read a book until it falls apart, then that’s a well-loved book!

What’s your favorite line from a book?

“I put a large cabbage leaf on my head when I have a headache / it makes a very good hat…”-Kay Thompson’s Eloise

Who are your top three favorite authors or illustrators?

I admire Katherine Roy who wrote and illustrated Neighborhood Sharks. She makes nonfiction come alive and somehow makes sharks likable. I also love Kwame Alexander who wrote The Undefeated. His poetry is gripping and he is a national treasure! And I’m going to add Max Brooks to the list. He wrote The Zombie Survival Guide. Will we ever need it? I hope not. Is it a very funny nonfiction/fiction mashup? Yes indeed.

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