Meet the Rabbits


Reese is a four-year old Rex rabbit. He was adopted from the Boulder Humane Society, where he and his 11 brothers and sisters were named for the 12 days of Christmas. Reese’s original name was “Ladies Dancing.”

Type: Toasted marshmallow

Also known as… Reese Piece, Rhesus Monkey, Peas

The Littles

Mindy is a three-year old Mini Rex. Before she was adopted, she lived outside in a tiny cage. She loves to dig for hours and hours. Then she flops over and sleeps hard.

Type: untoasted marshmallow

No one knows how old Burley is. He’s a Teeny-Tiny Rex. Note the tiny pegs. Where are your feet, Burley?

Type: Charred marshmallow

Also known as… Gruesome Twosome, Carpet Sharks, Naughties