Do you wear lots of hats? Me too! I’m a curious children’s author of nonfiction topics. I write books, magazines, games, and stories.

I’ve written 11 books including my first picture book, Light Speaks from Tilbury House Publishers. I also teach, speak, and wrangle three zany rabbits.

My writing respects the diversity of readers as well as the diversity of the topic.

I’ve taught elementary, middle, and high school students across five states. Mostly, I teach English to Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners as well as reading and writing workshops.

Teachers appreciate my ability to adapt programs for diverse students.

I also coach language arts teachers as an instructional coach and adult literacy teacher. Check out my Programs page for your next classroom event.

Areas of expertise: Common core standards, culturally and linguistically diverse learners (ESL), leveled texts, K-12 education, curriculum alignment, classroom management, reading intervention, writing workshop, scaffolding, differentiation.

Contact me: If your project or series needs a writer who thinks like a certified teacher.

  • Standards-aligned
  • Inclusive
  • Cross-curricular

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