What if……we fill our waffle cone?

I mean cup.

I recently read that 90% of bloggers stop writing within the first 3 months (and 99.9% of stats are made up- but this sounds reasonable). I don’t want to stop blogging! I do want to avoid burnout.

So, I’m going to do something a little different. Or at least, I’m changing my perspective to think a little differently. Instead of blogging as another writing assignment, I’m using this blog to FILL MY CUP.

I’m posting around themes. Each theme is something I’m thinking about in terms of children’s picture books. I’m thinking more in terms of vision boards than coherent essay writing. I hope others find some inspiration, too!

“The usefulness of a cup is its emptiness.”

-Bruce Lee

Things to fill a cup with…

  • Coffee
  • Mango Hi Chews
  • Cat fur
  • Timothy hay
  • Scraps of notebook paper with ideas scribbled on them
  • Smaller cups
  • Emptiness (for Bruce Lee)
“Ten cups of Timothy hay, please!”
My cup runeth over with Hi Chews.
Samurai cat cares not for cups.

Can cups communicate?
What comes out of a cup other than what we put into it?

Ancient cup given to first marathoner
What about the preparation of the contents of the cup?

Tea ceremonies

Hot chocolate rituals

Tea from a kettle vs. tea from the microwave

How big can a cup be?
The essential question: What fills your cup?

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