True Story

Where’s Waldo? Or… How I Got Lost At Comic Con and No One Helped Because I Was In Costume

Thursday- August 26, 2021

I’m subbing an adult ed math class all week. Writing is difficult. I feel work life balance slipping, slipping, when all of a sudden I’m asked to volunteer at the Kids Con booth at Comic Con! Writing stuff! Life stuff! I say YES! YES! YES!

Friday- August 27, 2021

After teaching the last math class, I fall asleep on my face on the carpet. A thought occurs in the last seconds of consciousness: I don’t have a costume for Comic Con.


I wake up with an idea! I have a Waldo costume (like Where’s Waldo?… or Where’s Wally?) from when my sister and I ran “The Waldo Waldo”- a 5k to raise funds to repair the Waldo hiking trail.

At least it’s a wholesome cult.

Good times! And a good costume for a crowded place like Comic Con. Kid friendly, picture book related. I go back to sleep and dream about cleaning the cat’s litter box.

Saturday- August 28, 2021

I’m dressed. I’m psyched. I’m on my way to Comic Con. I squint at the directions on my phone, because they still seem odd. Afternoon volunteers pick up passes from the morning shift. The most recent message says “Meet at the loading docks.”

Loading docks, here I come!

I park. I walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. I walk around the convention center to the back. I walk past dumpsters. I walk across a well-manicured lawn. I search for the loading docks.

And the whole time, people are yelling “I SEE YOU!”

…because I’m Waldo. And I’m wandering around behind trees and across fields and behind dumpsters. When I yell back “I’m lost!” I get a “Haha!” in return. Why won’t anyone help me!?

Answer: Because I’m Waldo.

They ask “Where’s Waldo”
but never “How’s Waldo?”

I eventually walk all the way around to the front of the convention center… where the volunteer station is clearly labeled and easily accessible.

Although I arrive sweaty and late, Comic Con is an absolute BLAST! I’m so glad I volunteered…

…and I’m glad I photobombed all those people! Waldo would have wanted me to.

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